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Designer Lounges

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Custom Designer Lounges – Combining Art with Functionality

Timeless Interiors creates and manufactures designer lounges in any style or design, with an additional upholstery finish. Our aim is to reflect your personal style, so when you show us a picture of what you have in mind, we will turn it into an exceptionally unique design.

Art need not be limited to what is displayed on your walls. We believe in creating modern furniture, art pieces and other décor to add functionality and style to any home.

Our artistic, custom lounges aren't just visually appealing. They can also be manufactured to fit a specific space, match a colour scheme or include an array of features for a truly unique piece. They can be curved, shaped, made higher in the back, lengthened, or tailored whichever way you like.

Surprisingly Affordable, Luxury for Every Budget

A designer lounge need not be expensive. Many of our clients are surprised to learn that many of our products retail for a similar price to what can be seen in most standard furniture stores. The difference lies in the endless possibilities we allow for creative and artistic expression and customisation to suit your home or living space.

Custom lounges

Anything You Can Imagine, We’ll Do It

We will work with you personally on all the details such as colour options, fabric and upholstery to create a stunning product, specially crafted for your home. The options are limitless: Any shape or style can be created, any combination of fabrics or leather.

Perfection Down to the Last Detail

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, our extensive and thorough process ensures all aspects and details meet each clients' specifications.

A custom designed and manufactured lounge by Timeless Interiors will be a one-off item, exclusive to you and your home. We add numerous touches – like silver or brass studs, piped edges, diamond buttoning, ruching, pleats or sections - to our furniture upholstery to craft a unique appearance for each piece. Brass or silver castors can also be added to furniture legs for a sophisticated, classic style.

The colour and style of polished or painted legs can be customised to suit the atmosphere you want to create in a room, and of course we can colour match with existing furniture as required.

We ensure every measurement and detail is accurate, down to the individual stitch level. We measure everything: inside knee to back, knee to floor, back height – taking into consideration every aspect of the way you sit.

The density and type of insert we use can be altered to suit the level of comfort you seek; whether it's feather, Dacron, Memory Foam or spring. We take the utmost care when transforming your ideas into reality for each item.

Exclusively Selected, Stylish Fabrics - Handpicked for Your Furniture Piece

We have access to international and national fabric brands, many carefully sought out in Europe and England. We can design lounges with a modern contemporary edge using the latest fabrics from designer houses, or we can create a designer lounge style with traditional elegance using fabrics from classical fabric collections.

For the best in custom designer lounges, contact Timeless Interiors on 1300 133 326 enquire online now.